Bearing the Concern of the Poor

HIV & AIDS Program

According to 2008 National HIV-Sero prevalence, Nigeria has a 4.6% rate of HIV-prevalence and the infection rate among young people, our future, is particularly high. In the rural areas in which SOPCALP operates, a lack of awareness and the terrible state of youth unemployment across Nigeria, means sustained action is necessary to curb the spread of the virus.

SOPCALP has consistently taken action as regards HIV and AIDS and has a long-running HIV/AIDS program. This program, in partnership with several organizations, has worked with young people, secondary school students and women in a variety of ways. SOPCALP strives to sensitize on HIV/AIDS reduction and prevention and works to provide care and support for those infected and affected. Features of the long-standing HIV and AIDS program run by SOPCALP include but are not limited to the following:

  • In-school education for students;
  • Voluntary confidential counselling;
  • Bereavement counselling;
  • Support for vulnerable children; and
  • Sensitization seminars on HIV and AIDS.

Organizations and individuals who intend to partner with SOPCALP on action against HIV and AIDS or support for the infected and affected are always welcome.